Wild Projection | Beamer Projection | Street Projection

Make a lasting impression and provoke a surprise effect with street projection. This outdoor advertising with dynamic visuals brings to life the message you want to communicate.

It’s a highly effective way of increasing your visibility and giving your target audience unforgettable immersive experiences.

Beamer projection for a strong visual impact

Wild projection, also known as beamer projection or street projection, is a 100% dematerialized device for broadcasting a message in the middle of the night. This urban marketing technique highlights eye-catching visuals to the delight of passers-by.

The projector, settled on a pick-up truck, is completely autonomous. Your communication campaign is displayed as a fixed image, animated content or video, all on a single support.

The city becomes the backdrop for an itinerant and opportunistic projection. This takes place in a variety of locations and on a range of urban supports of varying sizes. Possibilities are endless…

Street projection : advantages

The best way to reach your target and gain visibility is to find a place in passers-by’s daily lives. With wild projection, the street becomes an inspiring place to convey a message.

Whether you want to broadcast a video on a truck or project your advertising message on a building, this cutting-edge process offers a wide range of options. Let your imagination run free to build a unique relationship with your audience and deliver a punchy message.

As it can be seen from a long distance, wild projection gives you the opportunity to reach a wide audience. For total immersion, you can opt for an oversized format. By giving such intensity to your message, you’re sure to draw attention !

The city offers numerous structures ideal for beamer projection. Building facades, bridges and statues are interesting options for creating an impressive scenography. Unforgettable visual experience guaranteed !

L’expertise Com’Invader

Create a surprise and boost your visibility with Com’Invader. Our street marketing agency will help you set up your outdoor advertising campaign. From multimedia content creation to projection, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Our expertise is based on technical and logistical skills. We put all our creativity and professionalism at the service of your campaign by providing innovative solutions.

Recognized service quality

Opt for a high-performance service for your mobile projection campaign. Com’Invader was built by passionate people. We help you create powerful emotions and special moments with your audience.

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Wild projection all over Europe

Interested in street projection ? Call on our agency to help you stand up. We have branches all over Europe (Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, etc.) to give your target a feast for the eyes.