Authorized Poster Sites | Shop Display

As real playgrounds, cities offer a wide variety of locations to appeal, raise awareness, inform and surprise.

Increase your brand visibility and make your mark by opting for an authorized poster sites campaign.

Amplify your message with shop display

Shop display consists in setting up visual communication through poster advertising settled in high-traffic locationsin front of a shop / inside a shop / in the window.

The promotional posters are displayed door-to-door in defined neighbourhoods.

To grab the attention of a highly targeted audience, opt for this tried-and-tested street marketing technique. There’s no better way to draw the attention of passers-by and customers to :

  • sports and cultural events, such as concerts, festivals, theater performances and art exhibitions ;
  • products ;
  • current offers…

The following sizes are recommended for billboard sites :

  • A2 (42 × 59.4 cm) ;
  • A3 (29.7 × 42 cm) ;
  • specific size (21 × 59.4 cm).

The urban advertising network also has a range of frames, with the following formats available:

  • 40 × 60 cm ;
  • 60 × 80 cm ;
  • 58 × 155 cm.

To boost your visibility, don’t hesitate to add a wild posting or a clean tag campaign.

Shop display | Authorized poster sites : advantages

To catch people’s attention with an original, effective and hard-hitting message, shop display is a wise choice. Here, communication takes place in a protected setting.

Reach a well-defined target : consumers who visit a specific type of business (supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, clothing shops…).

Develop a close relationship with your audience. You’re part of the everyday life of passers-by. The message you want to convey goes with them wherever they go.

L’expertise Com’Invader

Since 2009, our street marketing agency Com’Invader has been creating unique experiences. To create a compliant poster sites campaign that reflects your image, we implement customized solutions tailored to your needs.

An effective targeting strategy

Drawing on our experience, we can advise you on the best strategy to achieve your objectives. With Com’Invader, speak out through creative communication tools and visibility solutions. Create a real connection with your target audience.

A worldwide presence

Our scope of action extends everywhere in Europe (Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal…). We’ll help you define the most important neighborhoods to be as close as possible to your target.

Graphics to match your image

We can also design and print customized advertising materials to highlight your message.