Commercial Painting | Giant painting

Com’Invader, a street marketing agency, helps you create a lasting impression with commercial painting. Reach your target audience in an original way with this out-of-the-ordinary option.

Commercial murals are works of art that guarantee you a considerable gain in visibility while adding an aesthetic touch to urban landscape. Think bigger with giant painting !

Commercial painting to reinforce your brand identity

A commercial painting perfectly combines the business aspect with an artistic approach. This mural reflects the essence of your brand while conveying a strong message.

Thanks to a giant painting, you convey a message in XXL format and provoke strong emotions. Eyes are captivated by a visual creation from street art settled in an unexpected location and transforming the urban landscape.

Stunning and impactful artworks evoke emotions and engage viewers. Information spreads quickly on social networks, creating a buzz. This visually appealing environment draws passers-by in and keeps them coming back. There’s no better way to raise visibility !

Stand out in busy urban environments with commercial painting. City is an inexhaustible playground of unlimited possibilities. Building facades are blank canvases, ideal for showcasing your brand image.

Create unique experiences with murals that become real shows for passers-by. They stop, captivated by the artist working before their eyes. The large-scale artwork taking shape in front of them encourages a shared spontaneous reaction.

Our expertise

Since 2009, our street marketing agency has been putting its unique expertise to work on your projects. We support you throughout your entire communication campaign.

Step-by-step support

From choosing the right materials, to finding the best location and developing a compelling message, we’re with you every step of the way. We work passionately to ensure that your operation is a success and that you achieve your objectives.

Deliverable: Final report with photos / video clip

Produced by professionals

100% personalized service

Our mission is based on consulting and operations, so that you can communicate in the best way to a demanding audience. We are committed to providing you with a service tailored to your needs.

A reliable and efficient agency

Reliability and responsiveness are certainly among our strengths. Our inventiveness enables us to find answers to your needs, taking into account time and resources.