Com'Invader, your street marketing agency with unlimited creativity.

Call on the street marketing agency Com’Invader to get as close as possible to your target and convey an impactful message. Stand out from the crowd by offering unique experiences that will be remembered for a long time…

Our street marketing agency invites you to always get closer to your target audience. Stand out by offering unique experiences, the ones that are remembered.


Digital display and authorized poster sites

Increase your visibility and strengthen your brand image with shop display and authorized poster sites. This made-to-measure solution allows you to create a real proximity with your target.

Wild posting

Create a surprise by going off the beaten track with wild posting. Maximum visibility guaranteed with advertising media settled in city strategic locations.

Guerrilla Marketing

Surprise and captivate your audience outside traditional communication channels by generating buzz and engagement.

Wild Projection

Broadcast all types of content on various urban surfaces from nightfall, ensuring an XXL communication impact and heightened virality.


From the creation of monumental advertising murals to guerrilla projections, clean tagging, and advertising bikes, there is a solution for all your needs. Com’Invader brings your most unusual ideas to life!

Why should you call on our street marketing agency ?

Our street marketing agency offers a wide range of customized services so that you can achieve your goals. From minimalist setups to more elaborate storylines, we have more than one trick up our sleeve to make your campaign impactful.

To stand out from the crowd, opt for innovative, creative and high-impact street marketing. 

A successful advertising campaign requires a good targeting strategy. We identify high-traffic locations and strategic moments to ensure that your communication is as relevant as possible.

Com’Invader is a Paris-based street marketing agency with branches throughout Europe (Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Berlin…).


Our strengths :

  • speed of implementation : we can carry out your poster campaign in less than 72 hours ;
  • inventiveness ;
  • on time and on budget ;
  • a worldwide presence.

Take advantage of our turnkey service. Our team takes charge of every stage, from strategic planning to implementation.