Bike advertising

Don’t just blend in with the advertising crowd, stand out in the sea of static billboards with dynamism. When it comes to setting up high-impact campaigns, bike advertising has many advantages.

This mobile and environmentally-friendly solution increases your visibility on pedestrian streets. Reach your target with precision by delivering an impactful message. Your brand becomes a moving attraction!

Take your brand on the move with bike advertising

Bike advertising consists of a customizable mobile billboard, towed by a bicycle.With this mobile advertising concept, you have easy access to pedestrian areas. You benefit from great adaptability within a defined perimeter of action.

Our street marketing agency puts all its creativity into helping you choose an impactful visual matching your brand identity. That’s why our bikes are fully customizable.

Pedal your brand to success with bike advertising. With this means of transport, you can easily get to places that don’t have a fixed advertising display. You can also follow festivals or sports and cultural events. With Com’Invader, you’re always in the right place at the right time !

Stand out by offering unique experiences ! There’s nothing like bike advertising to energize city centers and leave a positive mark on the streets.

Moving billboards allow you to :

  • promote products, services or brand ;
  • announce new items ;
  • benefit a brand recognition ;
  • be eco-conscious while making a lasting impression ;
  • increase your reputation.

With this eco-friendly advertising, you have the power to reduce the environmental impact of your campaigns. This type of display combines perfectly with the creation of clean tags. Say yes to a green marketing campaign with a neutral carbon footprint !

Combined with flyers distribution campaigns, bike advertising allows you to be as close as possible to your target.

Our expertise

A worldwide presence

Wherever you are, break free from traditional advertising constraints and take your brand on a high-impact journey through bike advertising. 

With offices in major European cities, we help you reach your target audience and create vibrant and dynamic urban environments.

Inventiveness at the heart of our projects

Take your message to the next level and propel your brand forward with Com’Invader’s expertise ! Thanks to our beautiful bikes, we’ll get your message everywhere in the cleanest way possible.  Since 2009, we’ve been driven by the desire to bring emotions to life while giving real meaning to encounters.

A well-thought-out communication strategy

Com’Invader helps you implement an effective strategy. We’re with you every step of the way. Together, we’ll draw up an action plan to reach your target and give a memorable experience.

Deliverable : Final report with photos / video clip

Produced by professionals.