The Printemps, a temple of fashion and elegance, recently launched an innovative street marketing campaign in partnership with COMINVADER, an agency specializing in creative activations. The idea? To use advertising bicycles to promote the opening of their new vintage space. This initiative successfully captured the attention of passersby and created a buzz in the city streets.

The advertising bicycles, proudly displaying the iconic colors of Printemps, roamed through bustling neighborhoods, attracting curious glances and sparking excitement. Equipped with baskets filled with flyers and goodies, the cyclists distributed exclusive invitations to the vintage space’s inauguration.

This street marketing activation was a resounding success, blending creativity and impact. In addition to generating increased visibility for Printemps, it also enhanced its brand image by associating the timeless elegance of vintage with a modern and ecological approach.

The advertising bicycles created a direct connection with the public, offering an immersive and memorable experience. By combining the joy of discovery with a responsible approach, Printemps and COMINVADER managed to attract a new clientele while also retaining their existing base.

This street marketing operation once again demonstrates that innovation and creativity are the keys to success in the world of fashion and commerce. By combining strategy, aesthetics, and environmental commitment, Printemps and COMINVADER made a lasting impression and laid the groundwork for a fruitful and inspiring collaboration.