Com’Invader has executed a large-scale wild advertising campaign for the shoe brand FLATTERED. This campaign, rolled out in the cities of Berlin, London, and New York, has caught the attention of passersby and sparked remarkable excitement for the brand’s new summer collection.

In Berlin, the streets were inundated with bold posters and light projections showcasing FLATTERED’s iconic models. Passersby were captivated by these creative displays, adding a dynamic touch to the city’s urban atmosphere.

In London, Com’Invader utilized guerrilla marketing techniques to transform public spaces into true showcases for FLATTERED, grabbing the attention of Londoners and tourists alike and creating a buzz around the brand’s new collection.

Finally, in New York, the street marketing campaign took on an even more spectacular dimension. Giant graffiti pieces were painted on iconic city walls, providing an original urban canvas to highlight FLATTERED’s trendy shoes. This initiative allowed the brand to stand out in the bustling urban landscape of the Big Apple.

Thanks to this international street marketing campaign, Com’Invader has successfully generated a strong impact for FLATTERED, attracting the attention of a wide audience and reinforcing the brand’s global visibility. This creative collaboration between the agency and the brand demonstrates the effectiveness of street marketing in promoting products in an original and memorable way.


FLATTERED Summer 2024 collection Wild posting in Berlin