Graphic design and print

Make a strong impact on your target audience with a clear, understandable and captivating message. Whether you need custom print solutions or professional graphic design expertise, we’ve got you covered.

Com’Invader brings your vision to life, ensuring stunning graphic design and print that help you stand out.

Creation and printing of communication media

Visual communication holds an essential place in any successful advertising campaign. Graphic design and print can be used to promote a brand, product or service in many ways :

  • flyers ;
  • business cards ;
  • samples ;
  • posters ;
  • large-format advertising tarpaulins ;
  • goodies ;
  • brochures ;
  • leaflets ;
  • samples ;
  • magazines ;
  • stickers ;
  • textiles (t-shirts, bags) ;
  • other promotional items…

There are many ways to attract interest, reflect your brand’s identity and stand out from the crowd. Each category of graphic media has its own specific characteristics. Depending on the marketing campaign you’re planning, it’s important to make the right choice.

These communication tools have several advantages :

  • 100% customizable to your brand identity ;
  • promote brand, product, service, or upcoming event ;
  • boost your visibility and increase brand activation ;
  • convey a message to a wide audience ;
  • attract attention and stand out ;
  • possibility of reusing print materials at future events ;
  • a variety of formats to adapt your campaign to your objectives, using the most appropriate design ;
  • graphic design and print can be combined with other communications operations for maximum impact ;
  • great flexibility and ability to place them in strategic locations ;
  • cost is more affordable than traditional media (television, Internet, etc.).

How it works

Com’Invader advises you every step of the way to ensure that your marketing campaign meets your objectives. We take into account the constraints of each graphic design and print solutions, depending on your project.

You don’t have a lot of time to catch your target’s eye ! That’s why the message you want to convey needs to be concise and impactful.

We carefully select colors, typography, text and shapes. With Com’Invader, create a strong visual identity, in harmony with your brand and easily recognizable.

We bring your project to life with print materials that we produce with the utmost precision. We respect colors, dimensions and finishes chosen to guarantee you optimal results.

Our expertise

Since 2009, the street marketing agency Com’Invader has been helping you with graphic design and print. Our inventiveness and ability to innovate enable us to create a strong link between the public and your brand.

A worldwide presence

With offices in major cities in Europe (Rome, Madrid, Berlin, London, Barcelona…), we bring your projects to life, wherever you are.

100% personalized service

With passion and enthusiasm, we’ll advise you every step of the way, offering you a tailor-made service. Take advantage of a quality solution that meets your specifications.

High quality service with short lead times

We can produce and print all your advertising materials to very tight deadlines and at competitive rates. Our responsiveness and speed of implementation enable us to offer you a top-of-the-range service.