le Palais de Tokyo

The Palais de Tokyo has recently entrusted Com’Invader with the exciting mission of promoting the Prince·sse·s des Villes exhibition. The communication strategy includes a wild posting campaign in the streets of Paris, providing passersby with an artistic preview of the upcoming event. Com’Invader doesn’t limit itself to the streets but also extends to our partner boutiques, where captivating displays unfold to spark interest. Furthermore, the artistic buzz reaches metro commuters through dedicated displays, completing an integrated operation that pulsates through the city. However, Com’Invader’s commitment goes beyond mere street art. As the visual creators of the exhibition, they capture the essence of Prince·sse·s des Villes, inviting the audience to dive into a unique artistic world. This collaboration between Palais de Tokyo and Com’Invader transforms the streets of Paris into a living canvas, setting the stage for an exceptional cultural experience in the heart of the capital.