Clean Tag | Reverse Tag | Chalk Tag

Adopt a different approach, outside traditional media, to get your impactful message across. To create innovative street campaigns, floor markings offer many advantages.

 Ephemeral, eco-responsible and punchy, clean tag, reverse tag and chalk tag boost your brand visibility with boundless creativity.

Attention-grabbing tags

Sidewalks and walls are ideal advertising media. They can be used for eco-friendly and inventive communication campaigns.

Also known as reverse tag, clean tag is a floor marking using stencils and a high-pressure cleaner. The message appears when the surface is washed, thanks to the contrast between clean and dirty areas. This unique advertising technique delivers highly effective temporary marking to reach your target audience.

Chalk tag is another method of creating ephemeral ground markings using stencils. Here, biodegradable chalk paint is used to convey your message. You can get a colorful result that will capture the attention of passers-by.

Benefits of clean tag and chalk tag

Clean tag and chalk tag are ingenious advertising devices for arousing public curiosity. To launch a product or offer, promote a brand or an event, these methods of urban marketing are ideal. They encourage engagement from pedestrians who can interact with artwork, take pictures and share them on social media.

It’s hard to miss a clean tag or a chalk tag ! These techniques increase your visibility by touching your target in its everyday life. Reach your audience with a creative, tactical and eco-responsible approach. Create a memorable visual impact !

Clean tag campaigns use eco-friendly materials, ensuring your brand promotion is sustainable and leaves no permanent mark on the ground. This technique involves only cleaning the surface with non-potable water and recyclable stencils. We leave out the chemicals.

Chalk tag only requires the use of a biodegradable chalk paint, which has less impact on the environment.

Ground marking allows you to write clear, original and striking messages. Thanks to customizable stencils, you benefit from great flexibility when it comes to graphic creation.

Our expertise

Clean tag and chalk tag hold no secrets for us

Com’Invader has been helping you create clean tag and chak tag campaigns since 2009. Be sure to reach your audience in an original and unexpected way.

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