Flyers and goodies distribution

Get to the heart of the action with targeted distribution campaigns. Flyers and goodies distribution is an effective way of getting as close as possible to your audience.

Newspapers, catalogs, samplings… Most promotional materials, even the most original, can be distributed by our team.

Deposit and distribution of flyers and goodies

Flyer hand-to-hand distribution brings you closer to your audience. You can get your message across quickly and directly. Maximize your brand exposure with Com’Invader.

From flyers and magazines to samples, leaflets and brochures, a wide range of communication materials can be distributed. Flyers stand out for their flexibility in terms of graphic design. The chosen medium can be customized according to your needs and desires.

Hosts and hostesses don’t just hand out flyers and goodies. They become real brand ambassadors. They encourage passers-by to discover more about the products and services.

This affordable and flexible street marketing distribution can take place :

  • in front of concert halls, theaters and nightclubs ;
  • close to schools ;
  • in a business district ;
  • during festivals and other cultural events ;
  • at trade fairs and exhibitions ;
  • in public places, city centers and high-traffic areas ;
  • in front of metro or train stations…

Flyers distribution isn’t always hand-to-hand, it can also be done in local shops or in our specialist networks.

How it works

Call on Com’Invader for quality service and the most credible visibility in all major European cities (Rome, Madrid, Berlin, London, Barcelona…).

Our street-marketing agency helps you define precise targeting. We take the following criteria into account to ensure that our results are relevant and in line with your needs:

  • age ;
  • gender ;
  • socio-professional category ;
  • consumer habits ;
  • traffic areas.

Final report with photos / video clip

Produced by professionals

L’expertise Com’Invader

Thanks to its expertise in alternative marketing, Com’Invader can help you develop a tailor-made operational strategy. Make your campaign a success by reinforcing the visual impact and content of your message !

Flyers distribution to suit your brand image

We help you choose the most appropriate support. Stand out from the crowd and deliver a powerful message in public spaces.

A passionate and committed team

With Com’Invader, you benefit from exceptional services of a dynamic, inventive and responsive team.

A careful selection of the street-marketing team

Thanks to castings, we choose qualified hosts and hostesses with proven field experience.