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Set up impactful, surprising and memorable advertising campaigns with the outdoor advertising agency Com’Invader. Reach your target in its everyday life and gain visibility with a bold and unexpected approach.

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Connection with your target

To create a special interaction and a strong emotional bond with your target, consider innovative outdoor solutions. Street advertising offers offbeat and often less costly ways than traditional media.

A solution that creates unique experiences

Develop proximity, interest, visibility and commitment by giving the public a unique experience. Demanding and constantly on the lookout for emotions, consumers want to be surprised. And that’s where outdoor advertising comes into its own !

Targeted outdoor campaigns

With a street marketing campaign, you can deliver a powerful message in a highly targeted way. Get close to your audience and communicate about your brand, products or services.

Limitless creativity

To convey a punchy message that leaves a lasting impression, let your imagination run wild. Storytelling and event planning allow you to differentiate yourself with inventiveness.

Communication in your image

Choose a 100% customized solution that matches your brand image, your needs and your objectives.

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