In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Com’Invader has crafted an exceptional immersive experience for the Guimet Museum. A captivating virtual reality video was specifically designed for social media platforms and dynamic subway screens. Utilizing the majestic facade of the museum as a backdrop, the video transports viewers into a vibrant world of celebration.

At the core of this visual creation is a flamboyant dragon, a powerful symbol of the Lunar New Year, bringing the museum’s image to life in a breathtaking manner. The innovative use of VR technology establishes an immediate connection with the audience, providing a unique and memorable experience.

This bold initiative has proven to be a great success, capturing the attention and active participation of the audience. The dynamic video has transcended the physical boundaries of the museum, reaching social media users and subway passengers, spreading the magic of the Lunar New Year and reinforcing the Guimet Museum’s image as a dynamic and avant-garde venue.

Com’Invader has once again demonstrated its ability to merge creativity with technology to create outstanding experiences, transforming a traditional celebration into a modern and captivating visual adventure.

Guimet-NouvelAn_Video Augmentée FR