Wild posting | Fly posting

In today’s competitive market, capturing the attention of potential customers is a constant challenge.

That’s where wild posting and fly posting come in. Com’Invader offers an innovative and unconventional approach to advertising in urban environments.

Wild posting & fly posting

Wild posting, also known as fly posting, is a form of outdoor advertising that involves strategically placing eye-catching posters and promotional materials in high-traffic urban areas.

The posters are displayed on specific locations, such as walls, construction sites, street furniture, and other public spaces. Maximize visibility and reach a target audience with this non-traditional marketing technique.

In a crowded marketplace, standing out is essential. This is where wild posting comes into its own. Com’Invader offers a game-changing approach to urban advertising. We place captivating posters in crowded areas, ensuring your brand gets noticed.

Wild posting aimed at capturing the attention of passers-by and creating buzz around a brand. Fly posting campaigns leverage creative and visually striking designs to make a lasting impression on viewers.

Take to the streets with Com’Invader

Trust Com’Invader to take your advertising to new heights, reaching the audience that truly matters to your business.

At Com’Invader, we believe in the power of striking designs. Our street marketing agency crafts posters that attract attention and leave a lasting impact. 


Colors, fonts, and imagery come together to create an emotional connection, driving brand awareness and engagement.


Posters affixed to walls or storefronts come in a variety of sizes: 

  • large formats (A1, B1, A0, B0, 120 × 160 cm, 120 × 176 cm or 160 × 180 cm) ;
  • very large formats (3 × 2 m and 4 × 3 m).

Embrace street marketing and forget expensive campaigns. With wild posting, Com’Invader empowers your brand to break free from traditional advertising constraints.

Our expertise

Since 2009, the wild posting agency Com’Invader has been helping clients to boost their brand visibility. We create interactions with the target while blending into the urban environment. Share your DNA, your values and your story through an unexpected speech.

A comprehensive service to make the difference

Our service includes : 

the creation of a clear, concise and effective message ;

a strategy to target the most appropriate locations ;

the print of a design reflecting your brand ;

a 24/7 on-site presence service.

An advanced expertise at your disposal

Our agency puts all its know-how and boundless creativity at your service. With Com’Invader you meet and seduce your target audience. We imagine a communication full of originality to help you to : 

develop your brand awareness ;

intensify your presence at events ;

launch a product ;

promote an offer.

A worldwide presence

We create outdoor advertising campaigns throughout Europe (Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, etc.).