Com’Invader Revolutionizes Paris with a Wild Display for the Launch of Adidas Deerupt Sneakers The streets of Paris are about to become the playground of advertising innovation, as Com’Invader sets the stage for the long-awaited launch of Adidas Deerupt sneakers. With boundless creativity and contagious urban energy, this communications agency is putting together a wild display that promises to captivate the attention of Parisians. Bold, brightly colored posters, pop-up art installations and light projections will transform the iconic streets of Paris into a living showcase for the Deerupt. The aim of this campaign is to transcend the boundaries of conventional marketing by bringing the innovative spirit of sneakers directly into the urban environment. Com’Invader does not just announce a launch party, but creates an immersive experience for passers-by. Local artists will be on hand to personalize select spaces with unique depictions of the Deerupt, merging art and fashion into an unforgettable visual spectacle. This bold approach is in line with Adidas’ reputation for pushing the boundaries of creativity. By engaging audiences in unexpected ways, Com’Invader creates palpable anticipation for the launch party, making the streets of Paris the perfect playground to celebrate the arrival of Adidas’ Deerupt. The advertising revolution is underway, and Paris is ready to be a privileged witness to it.