BOX OF LOVE: The Joy of Flowers

For all Valentine’s Day lovers, Com’Invader is installing 1,500 emergency boxes in Paris, containing red roses and bearing the words “In case of love at first sight, break the ice”… so many new love stories!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique and romantic way, Com’Invader launched an exciting initiative in Paris. 1,500 emergency boxes were scattered throughout the city, each containing a red rose accompanied by the inspiring message: “In case of love at first sight, break the ice.” These small gestures became the starting point for many new love stories, defying traditional Valentine’s Day clichés.

This innovative Street-Marketing campaign generated a buzz on social media, with the hashtag #incaseoflove being adopted by those who gave or received these roses. Breaking away from usual conventions, this initiative managed to captivate attention while still retaining its romantic appeal.

The Joy of Flowers is a brilliant initiative by the Dutch Flower Office, bringing a breath of fresh air to this iconic celebration. This bold approach not only brightened the streets of Paris but also spread a sense of happiness and love, embodying the very spirit of Valentine’s Day.