The sinister clown Pennywise is back, ready to spread terror through the streets of Derry, and Com’Invader ensures that Paris feels every shiver! In partnership with WarnerBros, Com’Invader has been chosen to orchestrate a wild poster campaign on the streets of the capital.

This large-scale and unrestricted street-marketing operation leaves a memorable imprint, capturing the chilling essence of the highly anticipated film. The streets of Paris become Pennywise’s playground, grabbing the attention of passersby and creating an atmosphere worthy of a horror movie.

But the impact doesn’t stop there. The campaign also extends to social media, amplifying the thrill online. Com’Invader and WarnerBros are transforming the film’s release into a memorable event that haunts the minds of Parisians. Get ready to dive into horror with this poster campaign that leaves an indelible mark on the streets of the City of Light.