During Fashion Week in Milan, London and Paris, the Spanish brand DESIGUAL is launching its new collection.

Com’Invader is carrying out a multi-format display in Milan, Paris and London incorporating the main codes of the Spanish brand.
To complete the system, large format screenings of the launch campaign are carried out in these three cities, the creation of content following these activations generates significant traffic on social networks and online stores.

The posters, cleverly positioned, created an immersive visual experience, encouraging passers-by to stop and immerse themselves in the colorful world of the brand. Spontaneous artistic performances also added a touch of dynamism, generating instant word of mouth.

In Milan, the fashion capital, Desigual opted for ephemeral projections on emblematic facades. Animated artistic creations danced along the buildings, showcasing the brand’s distinctive patterns and colors. These projections created a striking visual spectacle, attracting the attention of Italian fashion lovers and curious people exploring the city’s bustling streets.

London has witnessed an artistic revolution with daring street marketing operations. Desigual used iconic public spaces such as Trafalgar Square for wild nighttime projections. The projections transformed architectural surfaces into living canvases, providing Londoners with an unexpected immersive experience. Surprise installations have also emerged in strategic locations, offering passersby the opportunity to actively engage with the brand.


Desigual takes over Paris. C’est un love affair.#NewDesigual