Printemps de Bourges: installation of information screens

In 2023, the communications agency Com’Invader revolutionized the experience of the Printemps de Bourges festival by deploying a futuristic installation of video screens in areas with high public traffic. This bold initiative aims to provide immersive and instant cultural information to festival-goers. Video screens, strategically positioned in the busiest areas, continuously broadcast information about artists, performance schedules and special festival events. Thanks to this installation, festival-goers can easily navigate the rich and varied programming of Printemps de Bourges, while remaining connected to the dynamic energy of the place. Com’Invader pushes the boundaries of event communication by using technology to enrich the experience of festival-goers. These video screens create an interactive link between the public and the festival, offering total immersion in the cultural universe of Printemps de Bourges. This initiative reaffirms Com’Invader’s commitment to creating memorable experiences using innovative means. By integrating technology into the very essence of the festival, the agency transforms simple screens into cultural information portals, thus propelling Printemps de Bourges to new heights of interaction and engagement.


Festival Printemps de Bourges, France


To provide real-time information to festival-goers


Dynamic screen and preojection