Jennyfer Shatters Stereotypes

Jennyfer is undergoing a transformation and wants everyone to know by breaking free from stereotypes! No more labels like “kids’ clothes,” “tacky fashion,” or “streetwear brand”… the brand has decided to change its image. To spread this message in a powerful way, Jennyfer has enlisted the help of Com’Invader.

Com’Invader has been tasked with executing a nationwide wild posting campaign in cities such as Paris, Lille, Nantes, Marseille, Lyon, and Montpellier. This initiative guarantees a buzz both on social media and in the streets of these major cities. The campaign aims to surpass preconceptions and showcase the new, modern, and diverse side of Jennyfer, inviting the public to rediscover the brand in a fresh light. A collaboration between Jennyfer and Com’Invader that promises to reshape perceptions and generate excitement around this new era for the brand.