KUJTEN Winter is here,

Winter is here, and to bring warmth and style, the affordable cashmere brand, KUJTEN, unveils its new collection! In order to increase its in-store and online traffic, the brand has enlisted the expertise of Com’Invader to implement a free advertising campaign throughout Paris. This collaboration promises to bring a breath of fresh air and modernity to the brand while catching the curious eyes of passersby. With strategic placements, the campaign aims to create a symbiosis between the affordable elegance of KUJTEN and the vibrant energy of the capital. Whether you’re in search of a soft scarf or a cozy sweater, KUJTEN’s new collection is designed to cater to everyone’s needs. With the help of Com’Invader, this free advertising campaign promises to warm the hearts of Parisians, providing a glimpse into the comfort and style offered by the brand.