Leclerc hypermarket center: Clean tag

The Leclerc Bordeaux Center is preparing to inaugurate its new drugstore, and to mark the event, an original signage operation has been set up. Rather than traditional signs, the team opted for chalk paint stencils. The idea is simple but effective: arrows artistically drawn in chalk guide customers from strategic points in the city to the new drugstore. This signage technique creates a unique visual experience, arousing the curiosity of passers-by and encouraging them to follow the colorful path. The stencils, made by local artists, add an artistic touch to this operation. Each arrow is an ephemeral work, bringing a creative atmosphere to the event. This innovative approach not only transforms the simple act of finding the drugstore into an artistic adventure, but it also highlights local talent. In summary, this signage operation using chalk paint stencils for the opening of the new Center Leclerc Bordeaux drugstore combines functionality and aesthetics, creating a memorable experience for city residents and visitors. An inspiring example of how local marketing can be both practical and artistic.


Opening of the Leclerc para-pharmacy in Bordeaux


Promote the store and guide customers