Makeup brand Glossier has recently launched a captivating promotional campaign under the slogan “Liberty, Equality, Glossier.” To amplify this initiative, Com’Invader has taken charge of the promotion by deploying a free display system in 8 cities across France.

This collaboration between Glossier and Com’Invader highlights the makeup brand’s commitment to the values of freedom and equality. The impactful messages, creatively displayed in strategic locations, aim to inspire and celebrate diversity.

Com’Invader’s free display system provides maximum visibility for the campaign, allowing passersby to immerse themselves in the affirmative world of Glossier. This bold approach to promotion underscores the importance of individual expression and equality, making Glossier not only a makeup brand but also a standard-bearer for values that resonate with the French audience. Wild posting in Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse, Rennes, Lille, Montpellier.