The brand LÕU.YETU has chosen a bold approach to drive traffic to its website and its new Marais boutique. In partnership with Com’Invader, a wild posting campaign has been launched on the streets of the capital. The goal is clear: to grab the attention of passersby and pique curiosity. The carefully crafted posters by Com’Invader are strategically placed to maximize visibility. This initiative aims to create a striking presence in the urban space and encourage Parisians to explore the unique offerings of LÕU.YETU. It’s an enthralling fusion of the brand’s aesthetics and the unrestrained creativity of Com’Invader. The campaign promises to transform the streets of Paris into a visual playground, inviting everyone to discover LÕU.YETU’s original creations, whether online or in their new Marais boutique. An innovative alliance that reimagines how fashion and street art intersect.