With boundless energy, MONKI has stormed the streets of Paris to announce the imminent opening of its new store. The street marketing team transformed the City of Light with vibrant and uncompromising wild postering. Bold posters, a blend of electric colors and quirky patterns, took over the iconic walls of the capital. Passersby, surprised by this visual explosion, were immediately captivated by MONKI’s unique aesthetic. Each poster was an invitation to discover, a preview of the overflowing creativity that would define the in-store experience. This street marketing operation was not just an announcement; it was an immersion into the eclectic world of MONKI. The streets of Paris served as a dynamic canvas to showcase the brand innovatively and directly. A tantalizing preview that created palpable anticipation for the grand opening of the new MONKI store, promising a shopping experience as bold and unique as the surrounding streets.


Ouverture de la boutique MONKI à Paris


Faire connaitre la boutique et augmenter la clientèle potentielle


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