The creative collaboration between OBEY CLOTHING and IAB STUDIO comes to life through a bold advertising campaign with wild posting that is taking over the streets of several European cities. Com’Invader, as the catalyst for this artistic partnership, has rolled out striking visuals in iconic locations in Milan, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, and Paris.

These captivating artworks blend OBEY’s iconic style with IAB STUDIO’s avant-garde aesthetic, creating a unique and immersive visual experience. Passersby are invited to discover art in all its forms, with strong messages and striking designs that resonate with the rebellious spirit of these two iconic brands.

Through this initiative of free advertising, Com’Invader aims to celebrate the fusion of fashion and urban art, while offering citizens a spontaneous immersion into the visual universe of OBEY CLOTHING and IAB STUDIO. Artistic expression comes to life in public spaces, transforming streets into ephemeral galleries, inviting everyone to participate in this unprecedented encounter between fashion and contemporary art.